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Assorted Digital Prints

$5.00 - $12.00
  • Assorted Digital Prints

Now that all products are (by default) high quality inkjet prints on fine art paper, I am selling off the older digital postcard prints at clearance rates. These are CMYK laser prints on a 4x6 standard postcard stock with a blank back.

Shipping is free :)

Prices are as follows:
 Assorted 3 – $5
 Assorted 5 – $10
 Full Set (8 Prints) — $12

Please indicate in the comment box which prints you'd like or if you would like a random assortment.

Prints available:
 – Love Hearts
 – Maid Marian's Mug
 – Hippie Dippie
 – Java Blend Northender
 – Signal Flag Cup
 – Club Soda
 – Montreal Salt and Pepper
 – Canadian Club